General Terms of Use

In effect from 01/07/2021


These General Terms of Use (hereinafter, the “Terms“) provide a legal framework for use of the website (hereinafter, the “Website“) by adult users (hereinafter, the “User“).


The Terms are available in the Website’s “General Terms of Use” area and can be printed out by the User at any time.


Maped and the User are hereinafter referred to individually as the “Party” and together as the “Parties”.


The Website allows Users to view information about the school and office supplies on sale (hereinafter, the “Products”).


All Website use implies that the User accepts the latest version of the Terms, which they declare they have read, without reservation or restriction.


Maped reserves the right to unilaterally modify the content of these Terms at any time.



Article 1: Legal notice

The Website is published by Maped, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of 5,155,000 euros, Annecy Trade Register number 325 720 423, and a registered office at 530 route de Pringy – 74370 Argonay – France.

Telephone number: +33 (0)4 50 27 26 85


The Publication Director is: Jacques-Antoine Lacroix, CEO

Intracommunity VAT number: FR62325720423


The website is hosted by Claranet, a company with a registered office at 32 Rue Breguet – 75011 Paris – France and phone number +33 (0)1 44 78 63 65.



Article 2: Website access

2.1 Website description


The Website gives the User free access to the following services: information about Maped, Maped Creativ, Maped Picnik and Joustra products, information about offers and events, and information about the Maped company.


The Website is free to access from any location by any User with internet access. Any costs incurred by the User in accessing the service (IT equipment, software, internet connection, etc.) are their responsibility.


2.2 Access methods


The Website can be accessed by anyone.



Article 3: Rules of conduct

To have access to the Website, the User will refrain from behaving in a way that could damage Maped’s image or that of any other User(s).


The User is liable in their own name for content they share on the Website. Maped cannot be held liable for any reason.


Specifically, the User will refrain from:


  • Trying to obtain information from another User about their personal life;
  • Posting content on the Website that is insulting, hateful, racist, discriminatory, denigrating, obscene, vulgar, libellous, contravenes a legal/regulatory/contractual provision, or encourages behaviour that would be seen as reprehensible in the eyes of the law;
  • Posting content on the Website that could violate the rights of third parties;
  • Posting content on the Website that is unrelated to the Website’s purpose, including promotional content, advertising and making any kind of sales pitch.


More generally, the User will refrain from:


  • Impersonating a third party or another User, or pretending to be an employee or representative of Maped;
  • Undertaking hacking, spamming, fishing, flooding, or any other activity to harm Maped or other Users.



Article 4: Personal data

The personal data Maped receives from the User is the information required for Website use.


This personal data goes through computer processing, which allows Maped to identify each User, communicate with them, respond to any queries, and manage the commercial relationship properly in the event of a message sent via the contact form or a newsletter subscription.


Personal data goes to Maped in the first instance to manage the relationship. Maped may then share it with other recipients who provide services associated with the Website as authorised or provided for by law.


In this case, only vital personal data is transferred. Maped also ensures that providers follow its instructions, taking every appropriate measure to keep Users’ personal data secure and complying with relevant regulations.


Personal data is kept for the period needed to manage the relationship properly. It will not be retained for more than three years from the last request that goes unanswered, as long as the User does not ask for it to be deleted and/or object to its use in the meantime.


Maped uses every appropriate measure it can to keep the personal data it receives secure and confidential.


In line with applicable personal data protection regulations, and within the scope of any applicable limitations, the User can exercise the right to access, rectify, object to the use of, make portable, restrict the processing of and erase their personal data.


To do so, the User should contact one of the following:

  • Email:
  • Post:

MAPED HELIX USA Inc. – Consumer Service

303 East Army Trail Road
Suite 303
Bloomingdale, IL 60108


They will receive a reply within a month.


If necessary, the User can also make a complaint to the French data protection authority CNIL. However, they can contact Maped first, who will reply within two months.


For more information, please see Maped’s Privacy Policy.



Article 5: Cookies

Please see our Cookie Policy here.



Article 6: Intellectual property

The Website content (images, text, logos, product names, etc.) is the exclusive property of Maped, who is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights for this content. No reproduction is permitted, in whole or in part.


Using the Website does not grant the User any rights to brands, logos, designs, photographs, product names or any content protected by intellectual property rights belonging to Maped or used by Maped.


The User acknowledges that they only have the right to access and visit the Website on a non-exclusive and private basis. In no event do they have any property rights over the Website and its elements.


Accessing the Website does not confer any usage licence for the Website and its elements without prior express written agreement from Maped, or for elements not owned by Maped, its partners or providers.


Without prior express written agreement from Maped, any other use, including reproduction, representation, adaptation and translation of the Website and/or its elements, in whole or in part, using any process and on any medium, is strictly forbidden and constitutes an infringement that could lead to legal proceedings and criminal and/or civil penalties under the French Intellectual Property Code and, more generally, intellectual property legislation.



Article 7: Reporting illegal activity and content

If a User notices that another User has broken any of the rules of conduct in Article 4 above, and more generally if a User knows of any illegal activity or content, they should immediately inform Maped using the “Contact” feature on the Website.


The User should give Maped all the necessary information, including:

  • The date of the report;
  • If a natural person, their full name, job, address, nationality, date and place of birth; if a legal person, their status, company name, registered office and the natural person who legally represents them;
  • A description of the contentious facts and their exact location on the Website;
  • And if the content is illegal:
    • The reasons why the content should be removed, including applicable legal provisions and justifications;
    • A copy of the message sent to the author or publisher of the contentious content to ask them to suspend, withdraw or modify it, or a reason why the author or publisher has not been contacted.


If the content proves to be illegal, having checked these elements, Maped will remove the contentious content or make it impossible to access.


Please note that if a User presents Maped with content they claim is illegal, while knowing this is untrue, they may be held criminally liable.


Maped reserves the right to delete any content appearing on the Website that could violate the Terms under the provisions set out below.



Article 8: Website updates

Maped may judge it necessary to update or reset certain aspects of the Website and its elements.


Maped reserves the right to develop the Website, including by providing new features, or modifying or deleting features.


These updates, resets and developments may temporarily prevent the User accessing the Website and/or change the architecture of the Website and its elements. The User expressly acknowledges this and Maped may not be held liable.



Article 9: Removal

Maped also reserves the right to share any contentious content with authorities who request it if it contravenes a legal provision.


What’s more, Maped reserves the right to take legal action against any offending User to seek redress for any injury it suffers as a result.



Article 10: Liability

Excluding the specific cases covered in this article, Maped may only be held liable under common law conditions.


While the sources of information used on the Website are deemed to be reliable, the Website does not guarantee them to be free of flaws, errors or omissions.


Information is shared as general guidelines only and has no contractual value. Despite regular updates, the Website cannot be held liable for changes to administrative and legal provisions that occur after publication. The Website cannot be held responsible for the use or interpretation of the information it contains.


Maped is only liable for an obligation of means with regard to providing the Website and cannot be held liable for any loss, injury, or direct or indirect damage of any kind resulting from the management, use, exploitation, interruption or malfunction of the Website.


The User acknowledges that Maped cannot guarantee that the Website will meet performance requirements or work consistently without interruptions or bugs.


If Maped becomes aware that the Website or its elements have a malfunction or bug, or is informed of this by a User, it will do its best to resolve them.


In any event, Maped cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the User not abiding by the Terms, the Website or its elements not working correctly, the Website being modified or altered by a User, any viruses that infect a User’s computer or other IT equipment following use or access of, or a download from, the Website, or any attack on the Website or its elements.


Maped cannot be held liable for any case of force majeure as defined by law.



Article 11: Hyperlinks

The Website contains hyperlinks to other websites. As Maped does not manage these websites, it cannot control their content.


Therefore, Maped cannot be held liable for the content of websites that can be accessed this way, or for any collection or transfer of personal data, installation of cookies, or other activity with the same purposes, carried out by these websites. Any public or private website may link to the Website without prior permission as long as:

  • The Website pages are not embedded in the pages of another website;
  • Only the main URL is used: (no links to any other pages).



Article 12: Applicable law and competent courts

The Terms are subject to French law. If no amicable solution can be found to a dispute between the Parties, the matter will go before the French courts.



Article 13: Changes to the Terms

Maped reserves the right to modify, add to or replace provisions within the Terms. These changes will take effect when the new Terms are added to the Website or via any other form of notification.