Every day, at Maped, we think of those who are having fun and also those who work here.


We want everyone to benefit from education. We play our part for the planet. Therefore, we re-invent our products and packaging.  We choose to use more sustainable energies and we save water.


CSR & QHSE group policy

Developing long-lasting school, edutainment, and mobile accessories that support the developing child.


Eco-design, Recyclable packaging, FSC-certified materials (FSCTM C156374 www.fsc.org)

Discover our FSC™ certified products

Only FSC certified subsidiaries are able to offer and sell FSC certified products. The rules for using the FSC trademark are strict.

Maped SAS FSC certificate

Maped policy statements with FSC core labour requirements


Understanding that continuously improving our impact on the environment and our local regions in non-negociable.

Our commitment is at the heart of all our decisions: Reduce our carbon footprint by 1/3 by 2026* and actively contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, namely:


*compared to our 2021 operations


Guaranteeing employee development and the satisfaction of our distributors, customers, users, and partners.

We may be big kids, but at MAPED we make health, safety, quality, and good working conditions a priority.

We are also committed to improving working conditions in the supply chain.
How? Our factories are BSCI-certified, as are over 90% of our suppliers.


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